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Anyone who has served in the forces will have experienced sitting around in the middle of nowhere with too much time on their hands. That’s exactly what a few of us were doing in Canada during the preparation for deployment to Iraq in the hot summer of 2003.

End-ex had been called and we were sitting in the dirt, baking in the sun when talk turned to a cold beer and our eagerness to getting our hands on one. This wasn’t an idea born from the heat of battle in Afghanistan or Iraq (although that has been done too), this idea stemmed from idle chatter. Throwing small stones at big stones and teasing ourselves with the idea of a hot shower and a cold beer.

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Within hours we were living the dream, weapons cleaned, faces scrubbed and with clean clothes on we clinked a cold one. We agreed there are good beers and bad beers but it’s the situation you’re in and how hard you’ve worked to earn it that matters most.

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Over the years between then and now we’ve met back up and reminisced about our time on the Canadian prairies that are Medicine Hat. Conversation would end up on that cold beer and how good it was, which would in turn lead to repeating the story over a cold one in the nearest pub. We realised that our experiences weren’t unique to us, but to all service men and women. We’d worked hard and earned the right to enjoy a beer with friends, creating a lasting bond that is impossible to recreate in any other walk of life. In 2019 we decided that we wanted to create a beer for veterans to remember the good and bad beers of the past, and the hard-earned memories attached to them. Every beer tells a story, we want ours to create a few of its own.