Heavy Drop

This traditional coffee hits you like a train. If you’re a coffee lover, Heavy Drop’s the brew for you.

If you know your coffees, Heavy Drop boasts a dark chocolate base complemented with hazelnut and cane-sugar undertones. We’ve applied a traditional roast to Brazilian and Guatamalan coffee beans to produce a soft acidic coffee rich in flavour and body. Hence the name, Heavy Drop.

You’ll brew this beauty in the usual ways – espresso, cafetière or filter and stove.

Weight: 500g
Taste: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut
Roast: Dark Espresso
Strength: 4
Acidity: Soft
Origin: Brazil & Guatamala
Best served: Espresso & Stove top

All profits go to military mental health charities.

£18.00 £14.00 / month


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