Valkyrie Gin

Our naval strength (59%) Valkyrie Gin truly packs a punch.

It’s made using a vapour infusion method to enhance the taste of the botanicals, which have been steeped for 24 hours prior.

The UK organic neutral grain spirit captures the botanical flavours through vapour infusion rectification to produce an aromatic liquid, all distilled in a traditional copper pot to keep it old school – just the way we like it.

These quality botanicals in combination with Cheddar spring water deliver a smooth and highly concentrated gin that is perfect for enjoying neat over ice.

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We suggest pairing Valkyrie Gin with a good Indian tonic. Double Dutch if you can!


Juniper berries, coriander, almonds, star anise, orris root, lemon cassia bark and cubebs.


This is a naval strength gin. At 59% it's strong, like very strong, so be prepared.


The Gin was distilled in a traditional copper pot still using a vapour infusion method.